Sigg Switzerland AG is a Swiss manufacturing company with its headquarters in Frauenfeld. Sigg bottles are bottles designed and manufactured in Switzerland from aluminum and polypropylene or in China from stainless steel and glass. The company is famous because of the iconic shape its classic bottle and numerous designs which have led to its addition to the permanent design collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The company was founded in Biel in 1908 by Ferdinand Sigg und Xavier Küng under the name Küng, Sigg & Cie. and produced kitchenware, bottles and electrical appliances from aluminum. In 1916 the company moved to Frauenfeld and changed the name to SIGG Aluminiumfabrik. Since 1998, the company has concentrated on the manufacture of bottles. According to market research, the company name is known by 70 percent of people in German-speaking countries.

Through the 1980s Sigg manufactured impact-extruded aluminum bottles for stove fuel storage and transport, popular with mountaineers, hikers and campers. The fuel bottles superficially resemble the water bottles, but lack the special linings of the latter. Now the company doesn't manufacture fuel bottles anymore.

On February 5, 2016, the Chinese company Haers Vacuum Containers announced it acquired the bottle manufacturer for 16.1 million Swiss franc ($16.02 million).

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