U Lace

U-Lace is the result of a global trend-spotter becoming inspired by a pair of sneakers spotted in the window a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo.  One of the coolest places in the world by the way.

Those Puma’s were laced in 6 colors at the same time.  The problem: they were all standard 45” laces, so the sneakers were filled with all the extra lace, with no room for a foot to fit inside.

U-Lace was created to make lacing sneakers in cool colors and patterns a quick and easy process; not to mention that when laced with U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on/easy-off slip-ons.

The company & product was named U-Lace because the product and the company itself are really all about U (you) the consumer.

We see U-Lace as the paint; sneakers as the canvas, and you as the creative artist who takes our paint and uses it to create awesomeness with your sneakers.

In the years since we launched, U-Lace has become so much more than a fashion product. U-Lace saves traveler's time at airport security; saves lives in mental health facilities; saves skateboarder's from wasting valuable skate time fixing broken laces; helps ER docs & nurses quickly get from nap rooms to operating rooms; and helps special needs individuals live more typical lives, and that’s just to name a few things.

We’ve also recently partnered with the Phenom skateboarder Sky Brown to help her spread her brand of girl power throughout the poorest regions across the globe.  Sky Brown's custom designed packs on our site are priced higher because 50% of revenue from every Sky Brown pack sold goes to support Sky’s efforts to lift the lives of impoverished girls across the globe. Please buy a couple packs and support the cause. When Sky's skateboarding in the next Olympics, you'll be glad you did.

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